Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our little dancer......

We have had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!  On Saturday, Caden had a soccer game and then we all headed to the lake. This was the first time we have taken the twins on the boat.  They absolutely loved it.  But, can you believe I forgot my camera.  They didn't want to come home.  So, I guess we'll be at the lake a lot this summer.

Then on Sunday, it was Ella's big day.  She had her recital.  I was so worried she wouldn't go on stage.  It was time to take her back there and she began to cry for me to stay.  I knew that wouldn't be a good idea, so I slipped off.  After getting back to my seat, I told Mike I didn't think she would go out there.  But to our surprise, THERE SHE WAS!  She did a fantastic job. I thought to myself, this is going too smooth. Boy, was I right!  When it was time for her group to go off stage, I guess Ella had something different in mind.  She decided she wanted to stay out there and then preceded to walk down the stairs to the audience.  I sure wanted to crawl under my seat, but I had to remind myself, she's only two!  Anyways, it turned out really good~ and she wants to take dance classes again!

Here is a few pictures from our day at the Capitol Arts~

Little Miss Priss in her yellow costume!  She sure is cute, though!
Carter wanted to get on stage with Ella, but he gave up and went to sleep on Daddy's shoulder.
Ms. Heather giving Ella her purple trophy....
If you'll look in the back, she decided she was going to lay down and stare at me backstage.
It's me and my lil man....Carter.  Everyone says he looks just like Caden.
Traci and Erin were trying to make sure Ella was the prettiest up there.....girls have to have their lipstick.
I guess she was happy the recital was over.....Ella in her pretty little yellow dress!
Emily and Beth came to watch......thanks Emily for taking all the pics.
Ella received flowers from her nana and her "re".  I guess she deserved them...lol
My mom, me, and Ella after the recital.........
I can't believe we didn't get a family pic of the five of us.  It's always so rushed to get there and get back.  Most importantly, I want to thank all of our past/present soldiers and their families for their service to our country.  Thank you, Anthony!  I know we don't tell you enough.  We love you!

Please pray for my mom!  She's in Arkansas for testing!  We're hoping for good news and that she's still in complete remission.  Check out her site...  www.caringbridge.org/visit/lanayoung
and leave her some love.

Also, say a prayer for my father in law, James.  He has his surgery on Thursday.  I'll keep you all updated soon!

lots of love,

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  1. Your pictures are great. I think it is so funny that she went back out on stage. Cute moment! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!