Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good times with funny little ones......

There is always something going on around our house.  If only I had more time to blog, I could fully entertain you all each day.  But, since I don't you'll just get little glimpses of the good times at the Whittle house.  I'm amazed at how busy our lives have become since we started dance with Ella  and soccer and t-ball with Caden.  School is about out and we are sooooo looking forward to some time with no schedules and a little more sleep will be nice as well.

Here are a few pics we took at the ballpark the other night.   I also threw in some of Carter helping me clean Caden's vomit up.  I know, vomit, it's gross.  Mike and I were hurriedly trying to get the mess cleaned up and I wasn't paying any attention to Carter.  He had put Ella's pink rubber boots on and grabbed the mop.  Mike and I have never laughed so hard.  He knew he didn't want to get dirty, but couldn't find his own boots, so he grabbed Ella's.  Too cute.
My good friend, Lindsey, came to the game last night so she took most of these pics for me.  She does a great job at taking pics, making bows, you name it, she can do it.  So glad she's my friend!
Little Miss Ella at the ballpark.  Her favorite part of the game is playing in the sand!
Carter in Ella's pink boots......he was only trying to help clean up the mess!
How cute is he in those pink boots?
Caden warming up for his big game!
Catching a ball!!!!!
On first, getting ready to run the bases!  Listening to his coach!
He may not be the best, but I bet he's one of the fastest!
Watch him run!  Watch fast.....he'll be gone!
This was the first night he got to stand in the pitcher's circle.  He was excited!
Dad got to help coach third base this game.  He's trying to get Caden to home plate! 
Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend.  I know our weekend is jammed packed.  Caden has soccer game on Saturday, Ella's dance recital on Sunday, and Caden soccer again on Monday.  Our lives are busy, but I wouldn't trade my life for anything.  I love it.  Be looking for pics from Ella's recital, keep your fingers crossed she goes out there and performs.

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