Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So lucky......

I can't tell you all how lucky I am to be the mother of three really wonderful kiddos, and the daughter to the best mother in the entire world.  On Mother's Day last year, my mom was in Little Rock, Arkansas fighting for her life after completing her second stem cell transplant.  I was here wishing we could all be together.  Well, this year my wish came true.  I had my wonderful husband, three great kids, and my awesome mom all together to celebrate this special day.  After mom was diagnosed with cancer back in 2005, Mother's Days are even more special.  
These beautiful flowers were brought to me at school and hand delivered by two of my special men, Caden and Mike.  Aren't they just beautiful?  I loved them!  The card Mike wrote brought tears to my eyes.  Mommy with her three kiddos......I wanted a picture of all of us after church, but the twins decided to take a nap, so I changed clothes!

It's so hard to get a picture of the three of them and have them look the same way!
Mommy and Carter.....This is the only one that everyone says looks like me!  I guess it's the brown eyes.
Mommy and Ella.....the one everyone says looks just like must be the big, beautiful blue eyes.  Daddy has the same awesome eyes!   The little girl I've always dreamed of.
Mommy and Caden.  He's a mixture of the both of us.  He's our miracle.  Caden came along at just the right time.  We thought we would never be able to have kids.   

My mom and Caden!  You talk about one tough lady......she's the toughest I know.  I believe that my mom is the best around.  She's heading back to Arkansas for a check-up at the end of May.  Please pray for good news!

Caden and all already know how sweet she is!

I also got potted flowers from each one of my kiddos.  They potted the flowers themselves!  So sweet!  We went to church, headed out to lunch at Montana Grill, and then went to spend some time with Grandmother.  It was a perfect day!  I realize just how lucky I truly am.  I hope that each of you had an awesome day as well.   OH.....I almost forgot the best part of the day.  Ella stood up at church, in front of everyone, and said "I love my mommy!"  It was so clear and brought tears to my eyes.  That's the best present a mommy could get!

I'm trying to get better on updating more often.  Hang in here with me, I'm learning.

Have a good Thursday!

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