Thursday, March 3, 2011

Twins' Celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday

Ella was so excited to get her blue wig on!Carter's eyes say it all. He's a mess, but so much fun!
In honor of Dr. Seuss' Birthday, the twins were ask to dress up like some of the characters in his book. What could be more fitting for twins, then Thing 1 and Thing 2. Mike fixed their shirts at work and we borrowed the wigs from a sweet family at my school. I thought they turned out to be pretty cute for last minute plans. These two are just too funny! Love them to pieces. So, glad God blessed me with twins.

Have a great day,

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My little Ella is now taking gymnastics at Cheer Force. She loves it! We count down to every Wednesday night for her class. This is the only picture I have taken so far. I started her young hoping she'll be a good tumbler. I hope her love for gymnastics continues. Tomorrow is Dr. Seuss day at Holy Trinity, so I'll post pics of Thing 1 and Thing 2 tomorrow. They'll be so cute.

Thanks for checking in,

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Can't believe it's been so long!

WOW! Where in the world does time go to? I can't believe it's been so long since I blogged on my page. I guess I have been so busy I pushed it on the back burner. However, after looking at some great pics of my kiddos I thought it was time I started back blogging. School's just back in session and summer has come to an end. The Whittle house sure did have a great summer. It was the first for a lot of things. Caden joined the swim team at our local country club, hey he even joined the dive team too. At the beginning of summer, I was afraid to let him go to the diving boards without me watching. Wow! He's pretty good now.
Getting ready for a dive meet

These two he's getting ready for the final meet of the summer....which is called South Central.

Then you have the twins, who were both wearing arm floats at the beginning of summer. Well with the help of some really GREAT swim coaches at the club, Ella or Carter no longer need arm floats. Now Ella never wears them but Carter still does because he's too lazy to go without them.

And you'll see in this pic, who is still wearing their arm floats.....ugh! He's so funny though! We've had some really great birthday parties this summer, including mine, and took a little short two day trip up to French Lick to an indoor water park. Man, it feels like I have tons to catch up on. I'll try to update more tomorrow night.

Thanks for checking in,

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things you do for your kids......

Wow! It's amazing the things you'll do for your kids. You see these precious three little kiddos here in this picture. Well, I think I live for them.

Today, I started a new teaching job. I job I think I am going to love, but I left a school that I had been at for 8 years. It's really easy to leave a job that makes you unhappy or to leave if you don't really connect with your co-workers. Well, I loved every single person I worked with and I was truly happy and content. But, I made this change for my son and the twins who will eventually be there. Every since he started his first day of kindergarten he has begged to go to school with me. I knew the school he was at was the school he needed to be at, so I didn't bring him with me. I've eat a lot of words. I always said I wanted my kids to go to a different school than the one I was teaching at, but now I believe otherwise.
Today, marks the beginning of something really special for our family. I finally get to be at the same school as Caden. I truly know after seeing my son's face this morning that I have done what was best for our family. Caden has been counting down the days until he could ride to school with me. All he has cared about is being called a "staff student." WOW! It's the simpliest things in life, isn't it? I truly miss my family at Bristow, but know after today that Briarwood will soon be my new family. What a great group of caring individuals. Everyone was so welcoming today! Kids sometimes make you step outside your comfort zones. Caden made me step out of mine, and someday I'll thank him.
I'm real excited to see what this year will bring for Caden and I? I'll get to see a small glimpse of his kindergarten year now that I am at the same school. I hate to admit my husband is right. He really pushed for me to transfer and I fought it all the way! Thanks, honey for making me step outside my comfort zone.

I love love love it! And to think I did it all for my kids. Isn't that what it's all about anyways? Family? Oh, how I love my family.

Wish me luck as I began this new journey.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

5 years old......already?

I just can't belive my oldest baby is already 5 years old?  Where does time go?  It seems like yesterday I found out I was pregnant with him.  I remember the day, time, and every detail of that very special moment.  Caden was our little miracle. After trying for two years, our dream was finally becoming a reality.  Caden has blessed my life in ways I could never imagine.  Not only did he just turn five.......he's starting Kindergarten.  WOW!  I just can't believe how fast time really does fly by.   

To my little Caden,
You're the first born and how special you are to us.  We've learned so many things for you.  You've taught mommy and daddy to love unselfishly and to love in a way we never knew we could.  You've given us so many laughs over the past 5 years....and worries too!  We've learned never to take anything for granted.  God gave us a specail gift when you entered our lives......a gift we'll forever be grateful for.  WE love you more than you could ever imagine....and we hope you'll continue to shine with that precious smile of yours.  Thanks for making our family complete.  We love you little buddy!

Below are a few pictures from his birthday and his first day of school.  Whew...that was a hard on us.  I cried and cried.  However, Caden was fine and he loves school, so that is comforting.  

Happy Birthday, Caden

Here's his cool cute...he loved it!  Bakugans are his favorite right now.
We actually got a family pic!  That doesn't happen to often.  It turned out pretty well!
Caden loved loved loved all his presents!  He had a good time!
This pic shows just how good of a time he was having!
Caden was learning his routine from one of his teachers!
Caden hanging by his locker.....his locker was one of the reasons he was sooo excited about starting school!
Caden and Mommy.....trying to hold back the tears!

WOW!  Everyone has always told me time would fly by and boy does it.  My first baby is starting kindergarten!  It sure is hard to let them go, but as long he is loving it...that is all that matters.  His smily melts my heart!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

My twins are three? Where did time go?

I can't believe our twins, Carter and Ella, are already three years old.  They are blessing from above.  After experiencing years of infertility, help to have Caden, and many nights of praying for more children......we can definitely say getting pregnant with these babies was a miracle from GOD!  Not only was I shocked to be pregnant but to be pregnant with two!  WOW, double the blessings from above.  These two have brought so much joy to our lives, we are blessed beyond belief.  It's been an adventurous journey raising twins, but I couldn't imagine it any other way.  Ella, is the little girl I always dreamed of.  Her big blues eyes melt her daddy's heart and her sweet smile melts mine.  She's beautiful and everything we could have hoped for and more.  Then there's Carter, funnier than just about anyone I know.  He keeps us laughing and at a loss for words.  His big brown eyes make him a handsome little guy.  I just don't have the words to tell you how much love I have in my heart for this fellow.  Together, they are perfect, unique and the loves of our life.....along with their big brother Caden.  His post is coming!

To my twins....Carter and Ella.
Happy 3rd Birthday!  You'll never know how much happiness you two have brought to our family.  You have already taught us some many wonderful things.  We thank GOD everyday for bringing you two into our lives at the same time.  I always dreamed of twins, but never could I have imagined I would get twins as perfect as you two!  You'll always be my babies and I'll always love you both with all my heart and soul!

This is their awesome cake.....Carter couldn't keep his hands out of it.
Dora/Diego...perfect theme for boy/girl twins!
Ella at Chuck E Cheese!
Carter on his 3rd birthday
He absolutely loves Chuckie ....
Daddy's little this pic!
Carter wearing his crown....he was king for the day!
Blowing their candles love love these kiddos!
We had all kinds of twins there. This was the set of boy twins. Morgan and Grant
Then a set of girl twins...Madison and Kennedy.  Sweet kiddos!
Caden's 5th birthday party is tomorrow. I can't believe my biggest baby is already 5.  Where does time go?

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

My 33rd Birthday!

WOW!  Is all I can say about my 33rd birthday!  I had a really awesome day.  Woke up to a really sweet card and birthday cake left by my husband, with a note of a scheduled massage at 12:15.  No kids....just relaxation!  Then I met my sweet friend, Lindsey, for lunch at El Mazatlan!  Yummy!  Later that night, my family met up with my mom, my sister's family plus her father-in-law, my friend Lindsey, and my other sister, Chelsea for a nice dinner at The Brickyard!  Great food.  We then came back to my house for cake and I got to open tons of presents!  I love presents!   Below are some pics of my fabulous day!  I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends in my life.  I know how truly lucky I am!                                                                   This is the place we celebrated my 33rd birthday......yummy food!  I would recommend! 
My sweet family....I am the luckiest girl I know!

My sweet hubby and I .....he always goes above and beyond to make my day so special.  
All six grandkids!  They make a dinner interesting.  Now I know why the hostess seated us in a room all by they were good!
My mom.....greatest one in the world. 
The whole crew celebrating my birthday!  They know how to make a girl feel special!
One of the greatest friends.....a girl could ask for..........Thanks Lindz for making my day great!
My two sisters....I'm pretty lucky!
My hubby had this cake made for me.....he knows how much I love Riley Bakery cakes!
I know I am loved!
Check out all these!  I'll have new clothes for school now!

What a FABULOUS day I had!  Now on to celebrate my sweet kiddos' birthdays!  I mean can you believe all three of my kids have birthdays in July too?  You would think I would get overlooked, but all of you can tell from these pics I didn't. Also, I got a new camera from my mother in law, Donna!  Thanks Donna!  Now I can post pics more often!  

Have a blessed Monday! 

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