Sunday, July 19, 2009

My 33rd Birthday!

WOW!  Is all I can say about my 33rd birthday!  I had a really awesome day.  Woke up to a really sweet card and birthday cake left by my husband, with a note of a scheduled massage at 12:15.  No kids....just relaxation!  Then I met my sweet friend, Lindsey, for lunch at El Mazatlan!  Yummy!  Later that night, my family met up with my mom, my sister's family plus her father-in-law, my friend Lindsey, and my other sister, Chelsea for a nice dinner at The Brickyard!  Great food.  We then came back to my house for cake and I got to open tons of presents!  I love presents!   Below are some pics of my fabulous day!  I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends in my life.  I know how truly lucky I am!                                                                   This is the place we celebrated my 33rd birthday......yummy food!  I would recommend! 
My sweet family....I am the luckiest girl I know!

My sweet hubby and I .....he always goes above and beyond to make my day so special.  
All six grandkids!  They make a dinner interesting.  Now I know why the hostess seated us in a room all by they were good!
My mom.....greatest one in the world. 
The whole crew celebrating my birthday!  They know how to make a girl feel special!
One of the greatest friends.....a girl could ask for..........Thanks Lindz for making my day great!
My two sisters....I'm pretty lucky!
My hubby had this cake made for me.....he knows how much I love Riley Bakery cakes!
I know I am loved!
Check out all these!  I'll have new clothes for school now!

What a FABULOUS day I had!  Now on to celebrate my sweet kiddos' birthdays!  I mean can you believe all three of my kids have birthdays in July too?  You would think I would get overlooked, but all of you can tell from these pics I didn't. Also, I got a new camera from my mother in law, Donna!  Thanks Donna!  Now I can post pics more often!  

Have a blessed Monday! 

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