Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fireworks, Family, and Fun

We had a really good 4th of July, considering our plans were cancelled.  Our family, my sister's family and my mom were planning to go see the Bowling Green Hot Rods play some baseball and watch the fireworks after the game.  However, it started raining as soon as we stepped out of the car and pretty much continued the rest of the night.  So, we ended up at Buckhead Cafe and enjoyed a dinner together.  We then came back to our house for some dessert and Mike let all the kids light the sparklers.  The next night was much more beautiful, so we continued our plans with a cookout and some fireworks.  Great food, great fireworks, great family....what more could we ask for.

I have several pics during our rainout and the following night.....enjoy!

Ella was scared of the noise ......loved the fireworks but not the noise!  

This is Carter man lighting his sparkler.....he got a little crazy with it and burned Chase's shorts.....

Caden and friends.....or least Caden thinks so!
This was the following night.  We all got to enjoy Mike shooting off some fireworks.  The kids had a blast!
Mike was our firework MASTER.......he was determined everyone was going to light a firework on the 4th.....RAIN or SHINE.   
These were the cupcakes I got for all the kiddos from Riley's Bakery.  They loved them!
Chase in action......cute pic!
Mom and Ella before she got soooooo nasty eating her cupcake!
The adults actually got to enjoy a table of our own at dinner....
While the kids had their own table.
My little firecracker! this kid.........
He hasn't put these flags down yet.......what a handsome little fellow!
My sweet Ella in her patriotic hairbow.....Thanks Lindsey!  You help make her cuter all the time.
Last of all, thanks to of our servicemen and women who fight for our rights each and every day.  Especially, Anthony, my brother in law.  We appreciate all you do!   

We have a busy month ahead.  Four out of five of the Whittle bunch has birthdays this month.  So, you know what I'll be doing.  Planning, planning, and more planning of birthday parties.

Have a blessed day,

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  1. I love your blog. You amaze me. You have so much going on in your life, yet you take it all in stride. You're an awesome mommy, but you did learn from one of the best. Happy Birthday!