Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things you do for your kids......

Wow! It's amazing the things you'll do for your kids. You see these precious three little kiddos here in this picture. Well, I think I live for them.

Today, I started a new teaching job. I job I think I am going to love, but I left a school that I had been at for 8 years. It's really easy to leave a job that makes you unhappy or to leave if you don't really connect with your co-workers. Well, I loved every single person I worked with and I was truly happy and content. But, I made this change for my son and the twins who will eventually be there. Every since he started his first day of kindergarten he has begged to go to school with me. I knew the school he was at was the school he needed to be at, so I didn't bring him with me. I've eat a lot of words. I always said I wanted my kids to go to a different school than the one I was teaching at, but now I believe otherwise.
Today, marks the beginning of something really special for our family. I finally get to be at the same school as Caden. I truly know after seeing my son's face this morning that I have done what was best for our family. Caden has been counting down the days until he could ride to school with me. All he has cared about is being called a "staff student." WOW! It's the simpliest things in life, isn't it? I truly miss my family at Bristow, but know after today that Briarwood will soon be my new family. What a great group of caring individuals. Everyone was so welcoming today! Kids sometimes make you step outside your comfort zones. Caden made me step out of mine, and someday I'll thank him.
I'm real excited to see what this year will bring for Caden and I? I'll get to see a small glimpse of his kindergarten year now that I am at the same school. I hate to admit my husband is right. He really pushed for me to transfer and I fought it all the way! Thanks, honey for making me step outside my comfort zone.

I love love love it! And to think I did it all for my kids. Isn't that what it's all about anyways? Family? Oh, how I love my family.

Wish me luck as I began this new journey.

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