Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ella's first debut

Not much going on in the Whittle World, just surviving another week of school and counting down the days til summer vacation.  We are sure busy people around here.  Caden had t-ball practice tonight so Mike took him and  I stayed home to keep the twins and cook dinner.  We had a good night together watching Barney and letting them help me cook.  If that's what you call it.  
Anyways, my friend Lindsey came by and we decided to let Ella try on her dance recital dress.  I'm trying to convince Ella it's really pretty and comfortable.  She's not buying my speech, but she did let Lindsey get some really good shots.  These were just taken outside quickly to try to persuade her to want to wear it.  I know it's itchy, but we've got to get her in that dress before the recital comes in May.  Just thought I'd share some of the snapshots of Ella in her pretty little dress.....and of course she snapped a few of my two handsome little men.
Hope you all have a great Friday!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On to the Beach......

So after having a wonderful weekend with my sister and her family.  We headed on to the beach.  This was our first time as a family to go to the beach.  Hilton Head is where we ended up!  Oh, how pretty it was and sooooooo much fun.  Just thought I'd give you all a few snapshots of some of our fun times while we were there.
Ella ,Caden and Carter built a sandcastle 
then Ella and Caden stood in the middle of it to get a pic.
We ate at the Old Oyster Factory on the Marsh in Hilton Head.  
Good times=Good food!
Just smiling for the camera!  What a cutie pie!

Ella in her two piece!  Too sweet! (Most of the time)ha! 
Making sure her brother doesn't get too far away from her!  They do have a special bond!

All three of them playing in the water, even though it was freezing cold!

Heading down to the beach!  They loved it!  

We had a fabulous time in Hilton Head!  Mike always said he didn't like the beach and didn't really ever want to go.  I think he has changed his mind since seeing how much all three of them loved being there.  I can't wait to go back!  Maybe next time we'll try a different beach.  Anyone have any suggestions on some great places?

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Road Trip over Spring Break!

I am new to this blog thing.  Soooooooo....this will only be the first half of our Spring Break trip. I am going to try to catch you all up on our Whittle World happenings, but you'll have to be patient I am still learning.  This was the first time we had taken a long road trip with all three of the babies.  Not too bad for our first trip.  I was pretty proud of them, considering we   ( oh I mean Mike because I didn't drive a single mile) did drive about 9 hours in one day.

We finally made it to our first destination which was " The Great Wolf Lodge" in Concord, NC to meet my sister and her family.  Oh how excited the kids were to see each other.  Mike and I were pretty excited to see everyone too.  It was a great time had by all!  We
 would definitely recommend this little getaway to others.  So much to do with the family.

The kids got ready to head down to the waterpark.  It was really cool and not crowded at all.

Then the big boys got some special swords or wands...whatever you call them.....and went on a little treasure hunt.  They really had a great time looking for all the clues.  Oh by the way, Carter thinks he has a special sword.
It was a fabulous weekend with Heather and her family.  We can't wait til they move back here with us.  I'll close tonight with a few snapshots taken at the lodge.  Tomorrow I'll post on our adventure to the next destination.  Stay tuned!
Little Miss Priss...cheesing...

Mike and I
Me and my sister
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Post

Wow!  I can't believe I finally got my own blog up and running.  I am so excited to start blogging.  I hope you all will follow our many adventures of the Whittle household.  Stay tuned for posts on
  • Ella's upcoming dance recital
  • Caden's first baseball game/ more soccer games
  • Carter's help with the baseball team......he thinks he's on the team
There's never a dull moment in our house, so we thought we'd share these funny moments with our friends and family.

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