Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On to the Beach......

So after having a wonderful weekend with my sister and her family.  We headed on to the beach.  This was our first time as a family to go to the beach.  Hilton Head is where we ended up!  Oh, how pretty it was and sooooooo much fun.  Just thought I'd give you all a few snapshots of some of our fun times while we were there.
Ella ,Caden and Carter built a sandcastle 
then Ella and Caden stood in the middle of it to get a pic.
We ate at the Old Oyster Factory on the Marsh in Hilton Head.  
Good times=Good food!
Just smiling for the camera!  What a cutie pie!

Ella in her two piece!  Too sweet! (Most of the time)ha! 
Making sure her brother doesn't get too far away from her!  They do have a special bond!

All three of them playing in the water, even though it was freezing cold!

Heading down to the beach!  They loved it!  

We had a fabulous time in Hilton Head!  Mike always said he didn't like the beach and didn't really ever want to go.  I think he has changed his mind since seeing how much all three of them loved being there.  I can't wait to go back!  Maybe next time we'll try a different beach.  Anyone have any suggestions on some great places?

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  1. I love the pics, Sheri and the fun it shows that the children had. I love Mrytle Beach during the month of April when not crowded at all. alot of things for the children to do without alot of cost! Vicki